Who is EWGA?

EWGA, based in Palm Beach County, is the largest women’s amateur golf association in the world representing 125 cities and four countries.


•            Increase the visibility of your company through the activities of the organization you are sponsoring.

           Increase you business reach through an affiliation with an organization that is influential in its industry

           Grow your customer base by meeting potential customers who may not know about your products or services

•           Reach new prospective customers that already have an interest in what you sell or do, but who do not know you

•           Generate new business-to-business revenue through partnerships with other sponsors



Women account for 80% of all consumer purchases in the United States

 Over 27% are employed in mid-upper management positions at major corporations; over 10% own their own business and another 22% are educated professionals (lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc)

 Over 84% have college degrees or advance level degree

 The vast majority, while in different life stages, are in their peak earnings years

 Majority of members are suburban in both location and lifestyle

 36% have personal annual income $50-$1OOk, 25% have personal income over $1OOK and 45% have a household income over $1OOK

Women account for over 80% of consumer spending decisions and in the business arena, their impact on key purchasing decisions is accelerating.

Our chapter sponsorship programs offer you a variety of ways to connect with our membership to broaden awareness of your business, build a connection with real buyers and promote your goods and services to a targeted audience in a very cost effective way.