PBC Policies at a Glance

LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Palm Beach County


  1. All Events will budget for a 5% “profit” in order to cover PayPal expenses (By rule, these cannot be charged only to individuals using PayPal.)
  2. Non-member release form to be used at all events. Guests are to sign this form.
  3. Selected events will be restricted to individuals with an official USGA handicap index.
  4. League play is allowed for a guest, one time only, for a $5 fee. For continued participation in a league, the individual must join LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Palm Beach Country and pay the league fee.
  5. In order to receive a refund for any event, 72 hour notice is required.
  6. Non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Palm Beach County members are limited to participating in Saturday Golf, Sunday Golf, or other outing, a maximum of two times per year. After two participations, the individual will be required to join the LPGA Amateur Golf Association - PBC chapter (either as primary or dual member) to continue participating in our outings. This policy does not apply to events where a guest fee is advertised.
  7. Certain events throughout the year will support the “Board Discretionary Fund” with either profits from the event or proceeds from a 50/50 drawing. This discretionary fund may be used to support chapter members who qualify for the National Championship. The fund may be used for other purposes the board deems appropriate.