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Planning for our 2018 season is already underway.  Join our Chip-In Team! Drop us a note and we will match you to a task that fits your availability, skills or talents. Contact: memberservices@ewga-pbc.com
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League Play - Fantastic Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall EWGA Leagues
$20 League Registration Fee: register here now

EWGA PBC Winter League @ Westchester Winter League, whether a member or guest, you must register and pay via paypal/credit card and you must email Diane with your intent to PLAY by Sunday each week. Tee times will not be made for any unpaid / unregistered players, so please make sure you register GUEST ARE ALLOWED ONCE THEN "MUST" JOIN EWGA PALM BEACH COUNTY. http://www.ewga-pbc.com/membership - we love our snow birds but you must join as a member to continue with this wonderful organization

GUEST ARE ALLOWED TWICE @ OUR LEAGUES. THEN "MUST" JOIN EWGA as a member to continue with this wonderful organization of women golfers.

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Want More Distance? Then Loosen your Grip

LPGA teaching pro and Golf Channel Academy coach Debbie O’Connell has a great knack for painting a picture that makes her tips easy to understand. This particular advice is as simple as it gets, and it can make a marked difference to your game.


Download the Mobile EWGA Handicap App: 

To get the app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device and search for EWGA. Simply download the free app and sign in with your EWGA Login and Password. Contact AHQ if you have forgotten your login or password. Remember to enter ALL your scores of every round you play - 9 holes, 18 holes, stroke play, match play - enter them all!

Using the Handicap System to improve your Pace of Play

Has this ever happened to you? You're playing a casual Saturday round of golf with friends and the course is packed. You hit your drive and then after a brief search discover that it's out of bounds. You know the Rules of Golf require you to return to the tee and hit again, but the next group is already on the tee waiting to hit and the group in front of you has left the green. It's not practical to return to the tee, but what can you do?

No worries! The Handicap System has you covered. Using Section 4-2. Holes Not Played or Not Played Under the Rules of Golf, you would simply record Par plus any handicap strokes you are entitled to receive on the hole (based on your Course Handicap). If you want to finish the hole, go ahead and drop a ball and play on, but score the hole as above marking that score with an "x" to note that it wasn?t played according to the Rules.

Check out this video to learn more about using the Handicap System to help with Pace of Play.

"What's your handicap?"
It's a question often heard when golf is the topic of conversation. But what is a "handicap"? Simply put, a golf handicap is a number that tells you how many strokes over par on average that you usually play. Handicaps are an integral part of the game of golf and allow players of varying ability to compete fairly, whether in a casual golf outing or in a competition. A handicap can also help a player track their improvement over time.  Always remember:

1. You must try to make the best score at each hole
2. You are required to post every acceptable round

Adjusted Scores

If you skip a hole or don't play it according to the Rules of Golf (incl. Mulligans) you must post a score of Par plus any handicap strokes you would receive.  For example, if your course handicap is 18, you will receive 1 stroke on each hole, so any hole you do not play would be scored as Par + 1.  If you play at least 7 holes you can post a 9 hole score using this method to score the un-played holes.  If you play at least 13 holes, you can post an 18 hole score using this method. 

If you start, but do not complete a hole, or are conceded a stroke you must record the score you most likely would have made had you finished out the hole.  Scores in a Competition are generally not Adjusted until posted for handicaps.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)
Equitable stroke control puts a cap on individual hole scores, for handicap purposes, and keeps scores reasonable.

Maximum Score
on Any Hole 
9 or less Double Bogey
10 - 19 7
20 - 29 8
30 - 39 9
40 or more   10

Visit the Handicap Corner for information on Handicaps and to view some terrific Handicap articles


Get Golf Ready Logo
Get Golf Ready Opportunity are always available below

Intro to the Golf Swing
Most players believe golf starts at the driving range. The Player Development Program begins with a 4 week program building basic fundamentals of the golf swing. The program consists of 4 classes taking the student through putting, chipping and full swing.

For more information, sign up at Get Golf Ready!

Hot News From EWGA HQ

Syndicated Content - Find an LPGA Teacher

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2018 Board of Volunteers

Please welcome our 2018 Board of Volunteers:

President - Stacy Hopkins
Stacy Hopkins - Membership Recruitment Director
Karin Loudermilk - Finance & Record Director
Abbye Dorn - Events and Activities Director
Amy Zigelman - Member Service Director
Diane Volkert - Golf and Programs Director
Leslie Garcia Furey - Marketing & Communications Director

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Rules and Decisions


5 Key Changes

  • How to Drop a Ball - You will be able to drop a ball from any distance above the ground, provided it doesn't touch anything and falls through the air  (recommended minimum of 1 inch) when dropped.
  • Time for Ball Search - Three minutes will be the maximum allotted time to search for a ball, rather than the current five minutes.
  • Repairing Spike Marks - It will be OK to repair spike marks and any other damage done by shoes, damage from a club, and almost all other damage on the putting green.
  • Leaving The Flagstick in the Hole - If you make a stroke from the putting green and your ball hits the flagstick in the hole, there will be no penalty.
  • Relaxed Rules in Penalty Areas - You are allowed to ground your club and move loose impediments in a penalty area (an expanded concept of what we call water hazards today).


The USGA will hold a six month feedback period through August 31, 2017 before preparing to finalize the new code. There will be a review and approval period through winter 2018 before announcing the final form of the new Rules in the spring of 2018. The new Rules will take effect January 1, 2019.


If you have any thoughts or feedback, click here to view the feedback homepage on the USGA's website. The USGA will be taking feedback through August 31, 2017.

Rule 28 - Ball Unplayable


All defined terms are in italics and are listed alphabetically in the Definitions section.

The player may deem his ball unplayable at any place on the course, except when the ball is in a water hazard. The player is the sole judge as to whether his ball is unplayable.

If the player deems his ball to be unplayable, he must, under penalty of one stroke:


Proceed under the stroke and distance provision of Rule 27-1 by playing a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5); or


Drop a ball behind the point where the ball lay, keeping that point directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind that point the ball may be dropped; or


Drop a ball within two club-lengths of the spot where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole.

If the unplayable ball is in a bunker, the player may proceed under Clause a, b or c. If he elects to proceed under Clause b or c, a ball must be dropped in the bunker.

When proceeding under this Rule, the player may lift and clean his ball or substitute a ball.

Penalty for Breach of Rule:

Match play - Loss of hole; Stroke play - Two strokes.

USGA RULES and Information

Handicap Information

Visit the Handicap Corner for information on Handicaps and to view some terrific Handicap articles.

EWGA PBC Current Policies

  1. All Events will budget for a 5% “profit” in order to cover PayPal expenses (By rule, these cannot be charged only to individuals using PayPal.)
  2. Non-member release form to be used at all events. Guests are to sign this form.
  3. Selected events will be restricted to individuals with an official USGA handicap index.
  4. League play is allowed for a guest, one time only, for a $5 fee. For continued participation in a league, the individual must join EWGA and pay the league fee.
  5. In order to receive a refund for any event, 72 hour notice is required.
  6. Non-EWGA-PBC members are limited to participating in Saturday Golf, Sunday Golf, or other outing, a maximum of two times per year. After two participations, the individual will be required to join the EWGA-PBC chapter (either as primary or dual member) to continue participating in our outings. This policy does not apply to events where a guest fee is advertised.
  7. Certain events throughout the year will support the “Board Discretionary Fund” with either profits from the event or proceeds from a 50/50 drawing. This discretionary fund may be used to support chapter members who qualify for the National Championship. The fund may be used for other purposes the board deems appropriate.