Thank you Lang Realty for your Sponsorship!

Join us in welcoming our new PBC Sponsor,
Stacy Hopkins, Realtor with Lang Realty!!

"I am available to assist you with all your REAL ESTATE needs, no matter how big or how small  the transaction.  Give me a call today."  Stacy Hopkins

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aflac.jpgDear Sister LPGA Amateur Golf Association - PBC Golfers,

I am proud to announce my LPGA Amateur Golf Association sponsorship as a new independent agent for Aflac.

As some of you know, I have had my “fair share” of accidents and hospitalizations and
Aflac has been there for me since 2007. Hence, why I am now an agent and believe this coverage can prevent financial ruin and I respect Aflac’s commitment to Cancer Research for Children. I intend on joining their mission.
Since 1995, Aflac has raised and donated more than $125 million to the Aflac Cancer and Blood Disorders Center of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Much of Aflac’s support comes from its independent sales agents, who contribute donations from their monthly commission checks.

Health Insurance has turned into an expensive luxury and now with high out-of-pocket costs, it is manipulating our health decisions.  Aflac helps close the gap of deductibles and co-insurance by concentrating on a few policies. (Cancer, Accident, Hospital, Life, Short Term Disability and Critical Event)

I am here if you need me and please ask me anything. And yes, I will be sponsoring an event and will get some ducks for you!

Diane Dodge 
Aflac Agent
ddodge5@bellsouth.net : Diane_Dodge@us.Alfac.com : aflac.com
(561) 213-4603 Cell

Florida—South/Virgin Islands 
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac)

Calendar of Events

Membership Info

Can I play at an LPGA Amateur Golf Association golf outing, league or event if I'm not a member?
Absolutely!  We'd love to meet you.  As a non-member you may participate at up to two golf outings then we ask that you join our wonderful chapter

How do I update my member profile?
Go to http://www.lpgaamateurs.com Log in and select "My Information" from the menu on the left side of the page.  This information links up to the Chapter Website so only update required to keep your profile information up to date.

Will I get a refund if I cancel?
If you cancel prior 72 hours in advance to the registration deadline you will receive all but the any fee incurred by the chapter such as the paypal or any other fee. Last minute cancellations and cancellations after the registration deadline will depend on the circumstances. We usually have to guarantee payment for a specific number of participants.  If the chapter is charged for your participation we will not be able to refund your registration.

What if I register online, opt to pay at the course, but don't show?
We frequently allow members to pay at the event. While we extend this as a courtesy, please be aware that you are still obligated to pay if the Chapter incurs expenses related to your "no-show". Same goes for your guests.  We encourage you to bring guests and introduce them to LPGA AGA but if we incur unrecoverable costs we expect to be reimbursed.

Can I contact other chapter members through the Website?
Once you log in you will have full functionality on the website. Go to the Directory pull down.  From there you'll be able to find a Member.  Click on the name and you will have the option to email the person.

Can the public access my email through the Find a Member option?
No. Only chapter members who are logged in can access this information.  Log in is only available to members.



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Syndicated Content - Find an LPGA Teacher

Questions & Answers About Casual Water

Rules of Golf - Ball Lost in Casual Water

Casual water is typical in Florida during the summer so know how to take relief

May and June have been unusually wet this year in Florida and if you have been playing golf you have most likely encountered casual water, and possibly very large areas of casual water. Taking relief from casual water is fairly simple, but what happens when your ball enters a large area of casual water and you cannot find your ball?

First, what is “casual water” and how do we take relief? Casual water is any temporary accumulation of water on the course that is not in a water hazard and is visible before or after the player takes his stance. Please note that the definition of casual water does not include water being visible while the player is taking their stance and rocking their feet and distributing their weight; it is after they take their stance. Interference from casual water exists for stance, lie of ball and area of intended swing. When you have interference you are entitled to free relief, provided your ball does not lie in a water hazard.

When you take your free drop from casual water, first you must determine the nearest point of relief from the casual water that is not closer to the hole and then drop the ball within one club-length from that spot. If your ball was in a bunker, you must stay in the bunker. If you ball was through the green you must drop it through the green; however, it is accepted to go from rough to fairway or fairway to rough provided you are dropping within one club-length of the nearest point of relief.

If your ball is lost in an area of casual water you are entitled to free relief if it is known or virtually certain that the ball is in the casual water (someone saw it go in the casual water or there is basically no chance the ball could be anywhere else). To take relief when your ball is lost in an area of casual water you must estimate the point where the ball last crossed the outer most limits of the casual water, assume your ball lies at that point and then take complete relief in the manner mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Water that is overflowing from a water hazard and outside the hazard marking is casual water.

If it is not known or virtually certain that your ball is lost in the area of casual water, then you must assume your ball is lost and play under stroke and distance.

Read more on casual water and abnormal ground conditions in Rule 25 here.

2019 New Rules of Golf – The term “casual water” is being replaced by the term “temporary water” to more clearly indicate the nature of the condition and to help in translating the term into other languages. There will be no substantive change to the rule and relief procedure.

Questions & Answers About Tricky Rulings

golf-ball-stuck-palm-tree-close.jpgOops my ball is stuck in a Palm Tree! What do I do next? This Golf Rules FAQ covers golf rules codified by the USGA and the R&A.
The Rules of Golf can be found Golf Rules. Also take a test and see how your knowledge stacks up.

Rules Change 2019 Quick Look

Wedge Warmup Secrets

What makes a great player so consistent? They spend a large majority of their practice time on the shortest clubs in their bag. In this clip from Golf Channel Academy, shares the best way to hit a wedge.

Board of Directors

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LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Palm Beach County (PBC)

formerly EWGA (Executive Womens Golf Association)

Since 1991, the EWGA (Executive Womens Golf Association) has touched the lives of over 100,000 women. This not-for-profit membership association currently has nearly 20,000 members in over 120 chapters throughout the United States, along with international Chapters in Canada and others starting around the world, offering a wide range of organized golf activities, player development and education programs, volunteer, social and networking opportunities for both novice and experienced golfers 

LPGA Amateur Golf Association – PBC Leaders

The EWGA Palm Beach County Chapter (Re-Branded LPGA Amateur Golf Association), the first Chapter formed by the Association, continues to thrive and welcome both beginner and experienced golfers into the association to enjoy all the benefits of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

LPGA Amateur Golf Association - PBC, formerly the EWGA, offers leagues, clinics, special events, weekly golf opportunities on Saturday (18 holes) and Sunday (9 and 18 holes), social and networking activities and much, much more. The friendships and fun connect women throughout the community and the organization, providing a support network that extends far beyond the golf course.

Meet the Leaders of LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Palm Beach County

Discount Golf Troon

Discount Golf!!
Troon Cards provide several great benefits at your favorite Troon facilities across the US, Mexico and many other international destinations. Benefits include rates of up to 50 percent off, a "2-for-1" offer at each club, best rate guarantees, replay rates, complimentary instructional clinics and more. Troon Cards that can be purchased online at www.TroonCards.com and as an LPGA WWP member, use the promo code LPGAWWP to receive 20 percent off any 2018 Troon Card purchase. Use promo "LPGAWWP" at checkout to take advantage of this exclusive offer.