Post a Score

Activate your GN21 account by going to the Association website,, select the Handicap link in the left hand menu and follow the instructions for activation.

To post a score, log onto the Association website,, select the Handicap link, and enter your score. Click here for instructions on how to enter your handicap or here for a handicap presentation.

Send questions to handicap chair, Palm Beach County Handicap Chair

If you find that the GN21 handicap system has the incorrect data for your course, click here for instructions on how to report to Golfnet

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

Please remember when postiing a score, you need to adjust that score before posting for Equitable Stroke Control. Following is a chart showing how many strokes you can take per hole with an 18 hole handicap.

Handicap Maximum # of Strokes to Post Per Hole
9 or less - Double Bogey
10 thru 19 - 7
20 thru 29 - 8
30 thru 39 - 9
40 and above - 10

If you are right on the boarderline of a handicap, you need to check what your handicap would be for that particular course before posting.
Handicap Index multiplied by Slope Rating of tees played, divided by Standard Slope Rating (113) = Course Handicap (rounded to nearest whole number, .4 rounds down and .5 rounds up)
10.4 Handicap Index x 125 Slope Rating / 113 Standard Slope Rating = 11.5. Round to 12 Course Handicap

Once you have figured your course handicap, you will know the maximum # of strokes to take. you must take this maximum on any hole, including par 3's.