GN21 Handicap


The Role of the Chapter Handicap Chair


Your Handicap Chair is your source for any issues regarding your handicap and EWGA GN21. She can delete a score that was posted in error and can show you how to use EWGA GN21. She is able to access your profile page and help you with corrections. At the time of your Chapter Championship, she will verify your handicaps and assist with the tournament. It is her responsibility to keep the integrity of the members' handicaps and to assist in peer review from time to time. To contact your handicap chair, Caryn Jarvis, email to  


Obtaining Your USGA Handicap Index

The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to make the game of golf more enjoyable by enabling players of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. All members of the EWGA Palm Beach County Chapter have the opportunity to obtain an official USGA Handicap Index through EWGA GN21. The Chapter encourages every member who is playing to keep score to obtain a Handicap Index through the EWGA GN21.  This system is a full-featured system that enables all members to obtain an official USGA handicap.

In addition, it gives members the ability to:

  • Post scores

  • Access 20,000+ golf course profiles

  • Track personal game statistics

  • Print a handicap card

  • View scoring history

  • Attest scores for other members

  • Communicate with other members, and more

And best of all, it’s free to all EWGA members!

The only way to have an accurate and legal handicap is to post all your scores.
  • Post any score from any course that has a USGA course and slope rating.  Most courses are already in EWGA GN21.  If you come across one that is not contact feel free to contact Caryn Jarvis,
  • Scores made in match play must be posted, even if you pick up when a putt is conceded.  When you pick up, record your most likely score or the maximum allowed for your handicap.
  • Scores in stroke play rounds must be posted, even if you have picked up on several holes.  Every time you pick up, record your most likely score or the maximum allowed for your handicap. 
  • If you play 13 or more holes, post the round as an 18-hole score.  For any hole you did not play, record par plus your handicap for that hole.
  • If you play between 7 and 12 holes, post your score as a 9-hole score.
  • If you play using preferred lies ("winter rules"), you must post your score.

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